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The Showroom Experience

Ralba1982 started with the ultimate goal – to give every gentleman access to create a personal, valuable tailored wardrobe and find the perfect fit. While there is no compromising on unique quality, elegance, and comfort. Our conscientious approach guarantees values, craftsmanship, transparency, and fair trade.

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Red/White Stripes 100s 2-Ply Regent Dress Shirt

In stock

Fabric By Thomas Mason $245.00

Black/White Glen Check 60s Single Ply Zephir 1818 Made In Italy

In stock

Fabric By Thomas Mason $235.00

Purple/White Glen Check 60s Single Ply Zephir 1818 Made In Italy

In stock

Fabric By Thomas Mason $235.00

Pink/White Micro Check 120s 2-Ply Portland Poplin

In stock

Fabric By Thomas Mason $265.00

Su Misura

Our garments tell a timeless story of quality with the expression of individual style. We’re committed to working only with world-class mills for our Made-to-Measure and Tailored Clothing Programs.

Unique & Unmistakeable Clothes.

Spring/Summer 2023

Our seasonal suits & jackets for this season will assure that all eyes will be on you. They are breathable, lightweight, and easy to wear.

Sophistication & Sustainability

Premium Collection

We bring you the finest fabric selection from iconic brands for your custom wear. Enhance your style with these beautiful pieces


Customize your own garment - Made just for you.

Best Materials

Our beautiful collection of fabrics is sourced both from England and in Italy. Our passion doesn’t allow us to compromise on anything less than exceptional quality.



Limitless possibilities to personalize your garment. Every piece means something to us. We pay attention to all the details.



Share your measures from the comfort of your home or office. Please follow the instructions of our video tutorial. Once you are fitted, your measurements are saved under your profile forever. Available in-store – At your convenience.


Our experts pay sharp attention to every detail so every client can find the perfect fit for their customized garment

Why Ralba1982?


Ralba1982 is Made with the highest quality fabrics and cut to your exact measurements. We use the finest horsehair-reinforced lining sourced from Napoli, which gives our jackets a smooth finish. This process could take a tailor of up to 80 hours of working by hand to complete.


Made to measure is the ultimate sartorial experience, personal and requires special attention. To better understand your project, you will meet with one of our M2M specialists to discuss all the possibilities. Our mission is not just to produce a one-off garment but to create an entire experience that will exceed your expectations.


Our design book has many options to create your timeless piece. One of our style coordinators will assist you with the preferred selection you would like to be in your finished garments. Custom-tailored clothing is one of life’s most pleasurable experiences, so you have limitless possibilities at your disposal to enjoy this incredible journey.


At Ralba1982, we’re passionate about menswear and take tremendous pride in providing value to our clients. We’re striving for excellence and understand the importance of quality and craftsmanship. That’s why we work with talented artisans in Napoli. We go above and beyond to exceed your expectation. Nothing is impossible for us!

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